About the DiskMaster2 Project

DiskMaster2 is simply one of the very best directory utilities ever, even on a system not lacking good tools of this kind as the Amiga.

It is something that is not very common among nowadays applications:
  • it is fast even on slower processors.
  • it is short and very memory-resource friendly.
  • it works from an otherwise empty disk and kick 3.1.
  • it is easy to use.
  • it is easy to configurate in a hardly limited way.
  • It comes for free.

DiskMaster2 was written and developed by Greg Cunningham. Rudolph Riedel took over the development after receiving the source officially from Greg in march 1997.

DiskMaster2 is © 2004 by Rudolph Riedel.

The current status of DiskMaster2 is FREEWARE.

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This page is © copyright 2004 by Rudolph Riedel