Comments on DiskMaster2

Development will surely go on!

I have to admit that this whole project has been somewhat chaotic.

I`m trying to fix bugs whenever I or someone else notices them.

On the other side I`m implementing whatever comes to my mind or - for the easy ones - whatever someone wants me to implement by sending me an e-mail - hint! :-)

I like to get DM2 even smaller and faster, with more funtionality of course.

As I received some mails concerning this: MUI will NOT be used! But I will make use of new OS functions and therefore the support for Kickstart 1.3 has already been dropped. And If there is something I just have to implement from OS 3 , the support for OS 2 will also be sacrified.

And now it`s your turn. If you have any ideas on how DM2 could be improved, then send me a mail!

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