Future DiskMaster2 Releases

Basic roadmap for future DiskMaster2 versions and the documentation
  • Bugfixes

  • Add more of the user-requested features

  • Add much more information to the list and provide more "exotic" examples

  • more scripts to be bundeled with this release

  • Send your wishes

DiskMaster2 on future Systems?

A question often asked - or spoken as a suggestion - will DiskMaster2 be available on future Amiga-like systems? The answer is pretty simple now: Yes! An OS4 native PPC binary of DiskMaster2 is already available!

Thanks to your donations I was able to buy an used copy of Amithlon which sped-up things for me a lot since the compile-times dropped siginificantly.

Additionally I had the opportunity to "borrow" an A1-board, I "only" had to supply what else was needed to make it a working system. DiskMaster2 native PPC for OS4 exists and works as nice on the A1 as the 68k version on Amithlon and I build both versions from a single set of source-codes now. 2.5.29 is included as contribution on the pre-release CD.

If you like to donate some EUR to encourage further development - donations are very welcome!!

If you don't mind to send me something thru snail-mail you can find my address here as well as in the DiskMaster2.guide. Or if you happen to live in the EU you could also send me something thru a normal bank-transfer, just ask for my account information.

Any amount is welcome!

I promise that I spend any cent I receive on hardware or software that will help me to continue Amiga development!

And don't forget about Jody Tierney (check DiskMaster2.guide for his email-address), mails of support (and donations!) should be directed to him, too!

Additionally - please forgive me if my choice of words is not perfect, English is not my native language and I have a hard time writing this as well as I feel a little bad asking at all.

And a big -thank you!- again to those kind people who already sent me a donation!

Amount of donations so far: 14

Thank you very much! Rudolph Riedel

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